12 Lessons Learned at the Quilting Retreat

Bonnie Taylor-Wachowicz

  1. Quilters are friendly. If you need help with a pattern or a technique, someone is always ready and willing to show you how to do it.
  2. Quilters are creative and magical creatures. Even the most hopeless-looking project seems to magically turn into something interesting and beautiful.
  3. Quilters know important phrases like “That will quilt right out”, “A blind man would like to see that”, and “of course you need more fabric”. Also important to know: an Amish quilt includes a deliberate mistake because only God is perfect. Any quilt is allowed to have an Amish influence!
  4. Quilters bring their favorite snacks to share. The snack table is the quilter’s water cooler. You never know who you might get to know better, or what you might learn!
  5. Sleep is optional. Especially if your roomie is also a night owl.
  6. Bring multiple projects. Include at least one small, easy one.
  7. Establish your Project Time Out Box at the start of the retreat. If the project you’re working on misbehaves, put it into the Time Out Box and work on a different project.
  8. Bring wine. Or whatever your go-to recreational drink might be. You may need it if all your projects end up in the Time Out Box.
  9. Be ready to display your finished work during Show & Tell at the end of the retreat. See above about bringing a small easy project. If all else fails, be sure to finish at least one container of your go-to recreational drink!
  10. Quilters are generous #1. When “too many door prizes” have been donated by generous quilt shops, quilters are likely to turn a few door prizes into a draw in order to raise money for a worthy charity.
  11. Quilters are generous #2. When a quilter ends up with the winning pile of fabric in a lively game of Strip Poker, the fabric may show up at Show & Tell as a finished top for charity.
  12. Quilters are thoughtful. An embroidered block with your favorite image may show up at your sewing area while you are not looking, “just because”.


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